Patient 1

Case 1 - Male Androgenetic Alopecia

23 years old male student found remarkable relief in his Bald Patch (Alopecia Areata) & severe hair loss with six months Homeopathic treatment of Dr Aditi Dhonde 23 years old male Mr. G M from Pune, consulted Dr Aditi Dhonde for the treatment of hair loss through phone consultation on 22.12.2016. He was suffering from severe hair loss since 12 months which was aggravated since last 4 months. He sent his photographs to Dr Aditi through whatsapp. Basically, he is from Nasik but since last few years staying in Pune for his education so was not able to take proper diet. He was suffering from severe hair loss, dandruff, itching & bald patch @ left temporal region. Thinning of hair was more visible on central part of scalp. He was frustrated and disappointed due to his all hair problems. Base ...Read More