Tension Headache

Tension Headache

This is the most Common type of Headache & may be experienced at some time by the majority of population in some form.

The pain is mostly constant and generalised but often radiates forward from occipital region.

It is described as dull, tight, or like a pressure and there may be sensation of band round the head or pressure at the vertex.

In this type pain is less severe in the early part of the day & become more troublesome as the day goes on.

The emotional strain or anxiety are common causes of ttension headache

Courses of muscle relaxation and stress management may help to reduce pain.

About 80 to 90 percent of people are affected by tension headaches at some point. Tension headaches are more common in women and are caused by muscle tightness.

You may feel the pain of a tension headache in your head or in your neck. Muscle tightness can be caused by stress or by holding your head in an unnatural position for too long.