What is Headache?

Headache is the symptom of pain anywhere in the region of the head or neck. Headache is one of the most frequent neurological symptoms encountered in primary care.

Headaches can radiate across the head from a central point.The pain may be a dull ache, sharp, throbbing, constant, intermittent, mild, or intense. can be appear gradually or suddenly and  last for multiple days or less than an hour.

Causes of headaches

It may include

  • fatigue
  • sleep deprivation
  • stress and Anxiety
  • the effects of medications
  • the effects of recreational drugs
  • viral infections
  • common colds
  • head injury


  • Headache
    • Primary headache
      • Tension cluster
      • Migraine
      • Cluster headache
    • Secondary headache
      • sinus
    • Primary
    • Primary headaches occur independently and are not the result of another medical problem. It is caused by overactivity of or problems with pain-sensitive structures in your head Types

    • Secondary

What we do for Headache

Homeopathy has good scope in the treatment of migraine. Homeopathic medicines for migraine are effective,fruitful and secure.

Homeopathy go deep down into the cause of the problem and completely eradicate migraine headaches.
We also offer some relaxation course like gentle head massage for headache