About Hair

What is hair and how does it grow?

Hair is fine thread-like strands that grows from follicles found in the dermis, or skin.
It is made of a tough protein called keratin.

Hair grows from follicles within the skin. The part of the hair inside the follicle is known as the hair root, while the portion you see protruding from the head is the hair shaft. At the base of the hair root is the hair bulb where nutrients are received and new cells are formed.

within the hair follicle are the dermal papilla , the sebaceous gland (or oil gland) which lubricates and keeps the hair healthy and shiny.

Taking nutrients from the dermal papilla, the hair bulb generates new hair cells.

Hair emerges from the skin it is merely fiber made of keratinized proteins.

The fibrous protein emerging from the hair follicle as the hair shaft has a specific construction. It forms a strand with three layers: an outer called the cuticle, a middle layer called the cortex, and central called the medulla. A medulla is almost always found in coarse hair, and often is absent from naturally blonde hair and very fine hair.