Patient 1

Case 1 - Male Androgenetic Alopecia

23 years old male student found remarkable relief in his Bald Patch (Alopecia Areata) & severe hair loss with six months Homeopathic treatment of Dr Aditi Dhonde 23 years old male Mr. G M from Pune, consulted Dr Aditi Dhonde for the treatment of hair loss through phone consultation on 22.12.2016. He was suffering from severe hair loss since 12 months which was aggravated since last 4 months. He sent his photographs to Dr Aditi through whatsapp. Basically, he is from Nasik but since last few years staying in Pune for his education so was not able to take proper diet. He was suffering from severe hair loss, dandruff, itching & bald patch @ left temporal region. Thinning of hair was more visible on central part of scalp. He was frustrated and disappointed due to his all hair problems. Base ...Read More

Patient 2

Case 2 - Female Pattern Baldness

A 65 years old female, Mrs.M.G. from Nashik City visited Dr Aditi’s Clinic on 30/01/2017 with complaints of hair fall, hair thinning & baldness on vertex She complained that she suffered from hair fall since last few months with about more than 150 hair strands falling per day. She felt gap (Baldness) on vertex & very much worried about that. Sometimes she had mild Dandruff also. On going through the case in details Dr Aditi diagnosed it as Female Pattern Baldness & prescribed her homeopathic medicine for hair fall as well as oil & shampoo. On 3rd March 2017 she gave follow up. Her hair fall was better than before & decreased by 50%. It was now 50 to 70 strands of hair in a day. Dr Aditi repeated the prescription & additionally she prescribed her homeopathic medicine for ...Read More

Patient 3

Case 3 - Alopecia Areata Female

Mrs.S.P, Age 30 was suffering from alopecia areata since 2/3 years. She was having spots of alopecia areata. There were big spot on her frontal area and also she started getting new spots on nape of the neck. She had consulted a local doctor, took treatment for 12 months but did not find any improvement. She was very worried & disturbed. Her husband searched on the internet natural treatment for alopecia areata and came across Dr Aditis. Then she came to us in January 2017 with her husband & started treatment at Dr Aditis clinic on 27 January 2017. Dr Aditi examined her; drastic hair thinning was there, had severe hair fall. Hair falls out in bunches. She mentioned that her confidence level had reduced a lot because of her alopecia areata. She was very lean and thin lady, her appeti ...Read More

Patient 4

Case 4 - Infantile Seborrheic Dermatitis (Cradle cap)

On 10.07.17 one of the parents brought their Nine-months-old baby to the Dr Aditi’s Clinic. There was large scaly patch on baby’s scalp since last 4 months. Drastic hair thinning was there. Dandruff was there on affected area. Mother said, baby’s hair growth was very slow as compare to normal baby, otherwise baby was normal On examination, there was slightly red skin with white flakes on top On going through the case in details Dr Aditi diagnosed it as cradle cap & prescribed her homeopathic medicine in liquid form i.e. one drop twice in week & homeopathic tincture for external application for 15 days. After 15 days, parents brought her for follow-up. Mother said that there was drastic improvement seen in condition, according to her more than 50% scaly patch was invisible. D ...Read More